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Alice Hlidkova

Alice talks about being treated for kidney pain.

Kameron Loe - MLB Player

IKameron talks about his experience with microcurrents.​​

Jamie Longbrake

Jamie talks about being an Equine Technician and Trainer.

History of The Equiscope

The predecessors to the Electro Equiscope are the Electro Acuscope & Myopulse. These devices were first thrust into the limelight by Terry Bradshaw when they were used to fix his ailing throwing arm in 1983. Not long after Joe Montana, Jack Nicklaus, and Many Players from the NBA, PGA, NFL, & MLB followed with MIRACULOUS results! 

Sabine Parker - M.S. Testimony

Sabine Parker talks about her son's diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, the treatments she provided for him and the results.


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